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Front view of a twoheaded sculpture representing two human types

Front view of a twoheaded sculpture representing two human types


Front view of a two-headed sculpture representing two human types.Period of material culture defined as ACHEULEAN, when Homo erectus made his appearance.

Two-headed Janus, who sees forward and backward, a personification of the month of January; Romanesque high-relief stone sculpture, in the Museo del Duomo, ...

Statuette of the twin goddesses Marble, from Çatalhöyük. First half of the millenium BCE. ClockworkZero !:z:! · Two Headed, Double Faced sculptures

200,000 BP: Animals / g)hwbear2 Identified by Walther Matthes as as sculpture of bear's head.

Two-headed sculpture. It represents two heads. The original matrix layer is partially

Ain Ghazal statue on show in the Musée du Louvre, Paris.

Two-headed sculpture (see also Fig.1 front view), representing a

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Two-headed sculpture representing a Homo erectus combined with a non-identifiable human type. Provenance: Borzonasca near Genoa, 550 feet above sea level.

Louvre Ain Ghazal statue, frontal

9,5) Two-headed zooanthropomorphic sculpture. It represents a head of hominid (Side A) joined by the nape to a mammal head (Side B). Size: cm.

The drawing of the lithic sculpture was published by W.M NEWTON in 1913. Newton attributed this sculpture to a mammal head. In my opinion, this drawing is ...

Louvre Ain Ghazal statue left profile

9.4) Two-headed zooanthropomorphic sculpture. It represents a head of hominid (side A) joined by the nape to a mammal head (side B).

'Ain Ghazal Statues - Wikipedia. '

The Double-Headed Eagle: An Everlasting Symbol of Power

9,7) Two-headed zooanthropomorphic sculpture. It depicts a human head (left side) joined by the nape to a bird head (right side).The size of the head of the ...

The Monk

It represents a two-faced divinity like Giano, El-Kronos, Argon, Borea, and so on. The hat is much beautiful, like in all the sculptures of evolued ...

Two-headed anthropomorphic menhir. It depicts the head of two Homo sapiens joined for the nape, on the left the modern Eurasian type, on the right a type of ...

Louvre Ain Ghazal statue right profile

Two-headed Bone Baby


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5A6) Anthropomorphic lithic two-faced sculpture. It represents two human heads beardless, and lacking in hairs, joined with look in opposite direction; ...

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Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit

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Mary Leakey - Origins of Humankind Mary Leakey, Paleolithic Art, Early Humans, Origins


Fig.2 Second type. Bifrontism (two-headed human head of Campoligure). Campoligure, Genoa (Italy). Collection Gaietto.

The figures are of two types, full statues and busts. Some of the busts are two-headed. Great effort was put into modelling the heads, with wide-open eyes ...

From Paul Klee to Alexander Calder, 7 Artists Who Created Inventive Toys - Artsy

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Indigenous cultures and native american tribe heritage concept with an Aztec double headed serpent or snake

Cynocephaly and the mythological dog-headed human


Aztec Ceremonial Knife

Monumental statue with two heads

Detail of the two heads of Kap Dwa.

Indian sculpture

Japanese dragon sculpture

Unidentified Fang sculptor, Gabon, Reliquary Head (Nlo Bieri), nineteenth or twentieth

Double-headed serpent

Image: Mother Dragon, Fish, Octopus, Two-Headed Dragon, Starfish,

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Double-faced female figure, early formative period, Tlatilco, 1500–1200 B.C.E.

white ganesha, number of ganesh idols at home, ganesh laxmi sitting position, ganesh

Irukaptah and his Family , ca. 2455–

Illustration from Henri Clouzot and André Level, “L'art négre,” La


Fig.3 Third type. Animal Head (mammoth). Rodi Garganico, Foggia (Italy). Collection Gaietto.

Possible Homo Erectus Footprints Found in East Africa.

7 TWO-FACED ZOOANTHROPOMORPHIC SCULPTURE OF TORRE IN PIETRA. View from the bottom of the sculpture (See fig. 1). On the left it is the head of the mammal, ...

Closeup view of a two headed jaguar statue in the Mayan ruins of Uxmal, Mexico

easter island wood sculpture

Rachel Harrison, Alexander the Great, 2007

Patagonian monsters: Two-headed Patagon Giant Two Heads, Stone Carving, Types Of

Helmet Mask, 19th-20th century, Sierra Leone, Moyamba region, Mende or

Two headed Animal Totem

Title: Musk Ox: Institution: City of Saskatoon; Description: Images of a large sculpture carved out of dolomite - a two-headed Musk Ox represents a their ...

Marble statue of Anubis, Vatican Museum


Affinities and typologic differences more obvious : In the three sculptures the forehead of the man is escaping (1). The human heads of Maribo and ...

The extended earlobes, typical of this type of sculpture have cylindrical ear ornaments. Ear ornaments made of shark vertebra used to be once worn by the ...

Irukaptah and his Family , ca. 2455–

Plate XXII from Henri Clouzot and André Level, Sculptures africaines et océaniennes: Colonies franéaises

Agrandir ...

Can you spot the two-headed alevin? (It's near the bottom of the image.)

Rhyton in the shape of a calf's head. Yerevan, Erebuni Museum, Inv. no. 21. Views from the side, in front and below. Photographs by M. Yu. Treister.

Double headed easter island wood sculpture

Double-faced female figurine, early formative period, Tlatilco, 1500–1200 B.C.E.

Hamburg-Wittenbergen c. 200,000 BP: Heads / These are the 5 heads imaged separately. | Opals/Gems/Rocks/Fossils/Ect..

Elana Schwartz Sculpture- Form and Concept Gallery- Santa Fe New Mexico

Let us venture still further back into antiquity and view the double-headed eagle upon the royal arms of King Sigismund of the Roman-German empire, in 1335, ...

Kini ke Kua: Transformative Images

Two headed toy monster portrait stock photo

... Marble head and torso of Athena ...

The fourth type is the sculpture with two-faced head of man and animal (Fig.4), two-faced head of animal with animal, and the artistic hybrid having mixed ...

Types of Ganesh Idols

Henry Moore, Reclining Figure 1969–70


Human-headed winged bull (lamassu), ca. 883–859 B.C.

Foundation figurine of Ur-Nammu, Nippur, c. 2100 BCE (Rashid 1983

Maya Urn

A two-headed eagle at the entrance of Alexander Garden in Moscow.


Egyptian cat statue representing the goddess Bastet.

Pre-Columbian Moche Jaguar Headdress Frontal Diadem Ornament

Double-headed eagle on the main entrance gate of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg